Business Development and Innovations   

Easy as 1-2-3




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  1. Access Email and data globally
  2. Document Exchange and repository
  3. Shared or private calendar scheduling access
  4. Members Data Base – will display database results as “Members” after registration for use as
    1. site linking
    2. Referrals
    3. Newsletter
    4. Focused marketing
    5. Group marketing
    6. Services Selling
  5. Secure Business Reports
    1. Secure Login
    2. Customizable
  6. Advertising Sales
    1. Websites
    2.  Site Design
    3. Banner ads
    4. email server forwarding and management
    5. Search engine registration
    6. Auto responder content for Business email boxes
    7. Website hosting
    8. Custom billing
  1. Feed Back(customer) database to use the “need” or “concern” input as focused service marketing or support to:
    1. Begin discussion group- ONLINE Bulletin Boards
    2. Focused marketing
    3. Opt-in email lists Customer sharing
    4. Email targeted customer opt-in email lists